*Gang of 4 /entertainment!
Gary Numan /The Pleasure Principle
*Generation X
/Nursery Cryme/Selling England By The Pound/Foxtrot/A Trick of the Tail/Wind & Wuthering/The Lamb Lies Down on the Broadway/Seconds Out (2)/There Were 3/Calling All /Live Chicago1978 (2)
*George Harrison
*George Michael
*G Michael & Queen
/Five Live
*Gonzalo Rubalcaba
/suite 4 y 20
*Grand Funk
*The Grass Roots
/Greatest 1
*Green Day/
American Idiot
*Guns N' Roses  
/Appetite /Lies/Los Angels1988/ Illusion I/ II/The Spaghetti / Best of  Live (2)