*M. C. Hammer /Don't Hurt 'Em
/Who's That Girl/You Can Dance/Evita/Confessions on a Dance Floor/
*The Manhattan Transfer /Best
*Maria Beth nia
/A Cena Muda
*Mariah Carey
/Music Box/Rainbow/Daydream/#1'S/Butterfly
*Marilyn Manson
/Antichrist Superstar/Mechanical Animals/Last Tour On Earth+/Hollywood/The Golden
*Maureen McGovern
/Greatest Hits/The Wall (Deluxe Packaging Digitally Remastered)
*Meat Loaf
/Bat Out of Hell/II 
/Cryptic Writings
/Load/Reload/Metallica /S & M(2)/StEanger/
*Michael Jackson
*Michael McDonald
/Sweet Freedom/Blink of an Eye
*Michael Nyman /The Piano
*Mick Jagger
/Wandering Spirit/Goddess in the Doorway/
*Miles Davis /Kind of Blue
*Mike Oldfield
/Tubular Bells  Orchestra/Tubular Bells
*Moulin Rouge!
/1st/Jump on It
MXPX/Best of 
/Bump Ahead